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We’re here to fix expensive online local advertising.

Since its inception, One Up Digital has worked to provide an alternative to expensive traditional advertising by providing affordable local advertising solutions to small businesses that need it the most.

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About One Up Digital

Why One Up Digital?

The small businesses of America who need local advertising the most, can’t afford it. Not only is traditional advertising expensive, it comes with a number of headaches – pushy sales tactics, long term contracts, and dubious results.

We’re out to change that.

Through local digital advertising, we help small businesses build top of mind brand awareness with local consumers, allowing them to be competitive with big business, at a fraction of the cost. It’s affordable, hands off, contract free, and measurable.

Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: local advertising is broken.

Before starting One Up Digital, we owned a small pizzeria in Michigan, surrounded by chain restaurants and intense competition. We knew our food and prices were better and all we needed was for customers to try our pizza once to become fans. We needed to get our name out there.

The problem? We couldn’t afford a billboard, airtime on the radio, or to run coupons in the local newspaper. We had to find an affordable, yet effective, local advertising solution outside of the expensive traditional options our big-brand competition saturated long ago.

So we turned to the internet. We rolled up our sleeves and learned everything there was to know about local digital marketing. Within a week, customers were flowing in, mentioning they saw our ads and had to give us a try. We continued to fine-tune our ads and targeting, exploring new ways to advertise to more and more local audiences.

Soon after, we started helping other small businesses advertise online, refining our approach and techniques. One Up Digital was born.


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