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Coupon Marketing: A Better Coupon, EDDM, and Direct Mail Alternative

Coupon Marketing: A Better Coupon, EDDM, and Direct Mail Alternative

Savvy business owners know they have to do some form of advertising or marketing to stay top of mind with consumers. While EDDM, coupons, phone books, and traditional advertising do have their place, they likely aren’t working for small business owners looking for local customers.

In the digital age, small business owners will see much better results turning their coupons and mailer promotions into digital advertising. If you insist on running direct mail marketing and traditional advertising, you’re better off running it in conjunction with digital. Here’s how and why.

Why print coupon marketing & EDDM do not work for small business

These direct mail marketing techniques aren’t just old school, they’re also expensive, short-term, passive, and difficult to measure for ROI.

While the cost of direct mail marketing or print coupons do not seem expensive, you have to consider the facts. Most people aren’t actively looking for your products or services when the marketing materials arrive. They’re passive shoppers. Meaning unless you happen to reach them during a very small window of time, they likely are going to throw away your advertisement immediately.

You’re effectively paying 100% of the cost to reach, hopefully, 10% of potential consumers. Many less will convert into a sale. That’s only if the “estimated” reach of your print marketing actually reaches as many homes/people as the distributing company says it does. Who knows what your CPM actually is. But you never really know, because these advertising methods are virtually unmeasurable.

Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Marketing

When to use EDDM or print coupon marketing:

  • You have a very large marketing budget
  • You don’t mind reaching the broadest audience possible
  • Your product or service has a high-profit margin

When not to use EDDM or print coupon marketing:

  • You have a small marketing budget
  • You want to reach customers most likely interested in your products and services only
  • You have a low-profit-margin product or service
Direct Mail Marketing Alternative

Digital marketing as an alternative to direct mail marketing

It’s no mystery consumers are online, on their phones, and using apps almost 24 hours a day. Unlike a print mailer that arrives in the mailbox, consumers can’t throw away and ignore the internet.

There are many different forms of digital marketing small businesses can utilize to get their coupons, deals, sales, and promotions out to local audiences. Some are free, others can cost a bit of money. All have a measurable return because you can immediately measure clicks, impressions, conversions, leads, and sales. All are likely much cheaper than the cost of a single print advertisement campaign.

Online consumers are voluntarily clicking your ads, following your social media profiles, or actively looking for your products and services online. They are telling you they like or are interested in your products and services before you start marketing to them. This makes your sales funnel shorter and your ROI higher.

  • Website and SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Facebook posts
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media profiles
  • Google My Business profile
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • And many many more

This is probably nothing new to most business owners. But, there are specific companies out there combining a lot of these digital marketing options into neat packages that eliminate a lot of the cost, learning curve, and time investment required to get them going.

For example, One Up Digital’s local online advertising platform turns your direct mail flyers, print coupons, promotions, and monthly sales into beautiful websites. They then promote them to your local consumers using done-for-you Facebook ads, Google ads, and local SEO best practices.

Enhancing traditional marketing with digital marketing

If you want to stick with print coupon advertising or EDDM, that’s fine. But try complimenting your traditional marketing with a touch of digital marketing to maximize results and improve measurements:

  • Send an email campaign with the same promotion at the same time
  • Use social media to remind fans to check their mailboxes for your ad
  • Make sure your website domain is on the marketing piece
  • Use QR codes connected to a social media profile to capture further engagement
  • Measure site visitors before and after a print campaign is conducted

The good news is, One Up Digital’s local online advertising does all of this for you (and more). They provide a vanity URL (for free) when you sign up that links directly to your new Coupons Website. You can use this vanity URL on your print mailers, and all resulting website traffic that visits that URL from your print mailers can be measured. Not to mention people can then return and claim those great offers again and again!

Coupon Marketing for Small Businesses

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