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What is digital coupon advertising?

Your local customers are online and your marketing should be too. We combine the direct response of coupons with the power of digital marketing to bring you new customers, while bringing old ones back. All for less than the cost of a single print ad!

Coupon Website

We create your business a new webpage that houses all your digital coupons in one place. It works with your existing website or as your new one.

Digital Coupons

We turn your coupons, deals, and sales into a digital format that customers love. They’re easy to print, email, and share from any device.

Local Advertising

We turn your digital coupons into digital image ads that we show to local audiences most interested in your business to bring you new customers.

Email Blasts

Your new coupon website collects email addresses from your loyal customers. We send a monthly email blast about your monthly promos directly to their inboxes.

Return Advertising

While local advertising brings new customers to your business, Return Ads bring old customers back with reminders to check out your business’s new promotions.

Real-Time Dashboard

See how many people visited your coupon website, how many claimed a coupon, and how many called your business all from your own analytics dashboard!

We spend less with One Up Digital Coupon Advertising in one month than we did on direct mail in a week and revenue is up! I’m always open to their ideas.

One Up Digital Local Client

How does it work?

Your Coupon Micro-Website

We build you a feature rich, single-page website that contains all your coupons, deals, and sales. With modern website features and all your important business information, coupon microsites work alongside your existing website or as your primary one! We update your microsite and coupons for you, as often as you like.

  • Free custom domain name
  • Easily integrates with your current website
  • Works on mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Designed with your colors and logo
  • Click to call phone numbers
  • Email capture & list creation
  • Social profile integrations
  • Maps and directions to your business

Digital Coupon & Promotion Creation

We turn all of your coupons, sales, and deals into stylish digital formats that live inside of your microsite. Customers can easily browse, redeem, print, or share your coupons from any device! We design each promotion for you, with custom creative and call to action buttons.

  • Measure and track redemptions
  • Easy print, download, and share
  • Use your existing coupon codes
  • Update assets anytime
  • Custom graphics and imagery
  • Lifetime or limited time promotions

Local Digital Advertising

We create digital image advertisements for each promotion on your microsite and get them in front of local audiences. We don’t reach as many people as possible, we reach the right ones, driving down costs and increasing profits. When customers click your ad, they are taken directly to your microsite to redeem the deal!

  • Facebook feed advertising
  • Display & image advertising
  • Local radius targeting
  • Time of day & week targeting
  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Demographic targeting

Email Marketing & Remarketing Ads

More than just gaining new customers, we bring old ones back again and again! We send out a monthly email to your loyal customers reminding them to check out your new coupons and promotions. We create a list of people who have redeemed a promotion from your microsite and show them advertisements for new coupons 30, 60, and 90 days afterwards to bring them back.

  • Reward loyal customers
  • Increase repeat purchases
  • Lose less customers to competition
  • Build brand loyalty

Rank In Search Engines

Your coupon microsite is built on top of SEO best practices and with local SEO in mind. Your site will rank on the top search engines for niche keywords and phrases related to what your local customers are searching for. It works with your existing website or as your only website!

  • Rank on Google & Bing
  • More search real estate
  • Capture new customers
  • Outrank competition

Dashboard & Reporting

Track and measure all the results from your coupon microsite, advertising, and email marketing on your personal dashboard. Measure every important action visitors to your microsite make:

  • Site visitors
  • Redeemed coupons
  • Phone call clicks
  • Email list subscribers

Why Digital Coupons?

Measurable Coupon Advertising

Real-time statistics on coupon redemption, site visitors, phone calls, & more.

Online Coupon Awareness
Build Loyalty

Keep customers coming back again and again by staying top of mind.

Online Coupon Awareness
Go Green

Digital coupons reduce discarded paper waste and save trees.

Targeted Coupon Advertising

Advertise coupons only to your ideal, local customers. No wasted money.

Coupon Loyalty Program

Maintain a competitive advantage and stop losing customers.

Coupon Loyalty Program
Exclusive Areas

Lock out your competition. Only one business type per zip code.

1-Page Website / Landing Page

  • Custom Design
  • Lifetime Ghost Support & Security
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 1 Domain Name Included
  • Cloud Hosting Included
  • Analytics
  • Real-time dashboard
  • E-commerce / Online Selling
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Standard 5-Page Website

  • Custom Design
  • Lifetime Ghost Support & Security
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 1 Domain Name Included
  • Cloud Hosting Included
  • Analytics
  • Real-time dashboard
  • E-commerce / Online Selling
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By Quote

  • Custom Design
  • Lifetime Ghost Support & Security
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 1 Domain Name Included
  • Cloud Hosting Included
  • Analytics
  • Real-time dashboard
  • E-commerce / Online Selling
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