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Difference Between Facebook Advertising and Boosted Posts

Difference Between Facebook Advertising and Boosted Posts

Facebook posts from business pages don’t organically reach as many followers as they used to. At the same time, Facebook has been pushing their boosted post options on more business page owners.

Coincidence? No. But should you be paying to regain lost interactions on Facebook with “boosted” posts or should you be running Facebook ads? Both are a form of paid advertising, but knowing the differences can help you better achieve your business goals.

local facebook boosted post example

Boosting Facebook Posts

Boosting a Facebook post is as easy as posting a regular post to your timeline and then clicking the “Boost Post” button. Simply set your budget and a few targeting options and your post will reach more people that fit your criteria up to your available budget.

Your post will begin to show up on more timelines and get in front of more people. Facebook shows you some measurements of performance and may even suggest you boost certain posts that are performing well already.

When you should boost posts:

  • You want to reach more current fans of your business page with a GOOD post
  • Your advertising budget is relatively low – $5 to $25
  • You don’t have the time or know-how for a Facebook Ads account

local facebook ad creation

Facebook Advertising

Creating a Facebook Advertising campaign in Facebook Business Manager requires more time and knowledge than boosting.

First, setting objectives and goals will help define your ads strategy and set an ad budget. Do you want to get impressions, clicks to your websites, or even generate specific goal completions? You will have to consider your goals and available budget before targeting your audience.

By setting goals, you can better target your ad campaigns using tons of difference audience targeting options, far more than are available when boosting a post. You can set things like geography, audiences, interests, demographics and even layer these options for optimal targeting.

You will then design your own ad creative and copy using different formats and options that will help you meet your goals and resonate with your targeted audience.

Why you should use Facebook Ads:

  • You would like greater control of your audience targeting
  • You have a larger available budget – $25+
  • You have specific goals to reach new audiences outside of current page fans

As you can see, there is a lot more leg work and strategy involved with creating Facebook ads compared to just boosting. Boosting offers an easy solution for a “quick win”, while Facebook ads execute a long term strategy for achieving specific goals.

Know the difference

While it is tempting to boost a post because it is convenient, and the button is RIGHT THERE staring back at you, remember your goals.

To put it simply, if you want to make sure more of your current fans see a good post on your timeline, boost it with a little budget. If you have specific goals and want to reach people outside of your current fans, invest time in Facebook Ads with a solid advertising budget.

Situational Examples

Boost your posts when:

  • A post is performing well and you want more people to see it
  • You want to reengage with your current Facebook page fans
  • You have $5 to $25 you’re willing to put behind a single post
  • You want a “quick win”

Use Facebook ads when:

  • You want to reach new audiences outside of your current fans
  • You want to achieve specific goals (i.e. get more website visits)
  • You have an advertising budget and want to be in control of it
  • You have time for a learning curve

After reading this post, I am sure you have learned enough to be able to make the right decision when it comes to when to use Facebook Advertising vs Boosted Posts. We hope you are looking to learn more about online advertising for small businesses, and if you are interested, head over and read – How to advertise a small business on Google.


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