One Up Digital FAQs

Frequently asked questions about One Up Digital services.

Local Online Advertising FAQs

Does the listed price include advertising budget?

Yes. The price includes everything you need to get started. No setup or hidden fees, what you see is what you pay!

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I’ve tried pay-per-click advertising before, how is One Up Digital better?

We’re a Google Partner certified digital marketing agency. We’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and companies across the country.

Will I have access to my accounts and data if I cancel?

Yes. You pay us to maintain your pay-per-click advertising accounts. If you cancel, you still own them.

What is competitor conquesting?

Competitor conquesting is used to target specific searches and customers who are looking for your competitors, in an attempt to bring them to your business instead.

Coupon Advertising FAQs

Can I use my existing customer email list?

Yes. Your account manager will help you use your existing list and help you add new customers to it.

Can I use an existing domain I own?

In most cases, yes! Every business’s situation is different, so speak to your account manager after signing up.

Does digital coupon advertising work for franchises?

Yes, and we offer discounts! Our locally focused micropages help franchises better target local markets by each individual store’s needs.

Can I get a website & coupon website from One Up Digital?

Yes. Contact us to learn about getting a custom website with a coupon microsite built in, all under one online presence.

Are there discounts if I sign up for multiple months?

Yes. Contact us before signing up.

My business doesn’t currently have coupons. Will this work?

Yes! Your microsite is designed to promote sales, news, events, unique qualities, and more. Your account manager can help you strategize new coupon or discount ideas.

Can I use my own photos & print ad coupons?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. We will use your photos or images for your microsite and coupon designs. If you don’t have any, we will use high quality stock photos.

Is this better for a small business than print coupon advertising?

Yes. Digital coupon advertising is more affordable than print while also including a larger amount of features that every small business already uses, or needs.

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Local Search Marketing FAQs

What is included with monthly listing distribution?

We create and monitor listings monthly, eliminating duplicate listings and inaccurate information that can hurt your online presence. We also update images, news, holiday hours, and track performance monthly.

How long does search engine marketing to create an impact?

Some listings go live in minutes, while search engines can take months to properly crawl and index a new website. Usually, 3 – 6 months for best results.

How do you track and prove results?

You will have access to a dedicated, real-time analytics dashboard where you can monitor your website traffic growth. Monthly emails will include listing information and a free website audit!

If I don’t have a Google My Business account will OUD create it for me?

Yes. We manage your posts, profile, pictures updates, specialty hours, and more. Giving us access only takes a minute.

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Can you setup my current website with Local SEO best practices?

No. Due to the nature of on-site and off-site Local SEO tactics, we only guarantee proper performance from sites we build and manage monthly.

Do you provide review management?

No. We strive to be an equal marketing partner with businesses but do not speak on your business’ behalf. OUD's work will not interfere with your normal review response process.