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A low investment introduction to online advertising.

Recommended for advertising within a 3-4 mile radius of your business.

  • Increase local awareness
  • Maximize ad impressions
  • Increase clicks from target audience
  • All the great features listed below


We manage everything for you

Ad Copywriting
Ad Scheduling
Keyword Management
Data Analysis
Daily Bid & Budget Management
A/B Testing
Negative Keyword Creation
Custom Monthly Reporting
Custom Image Ad Creation
Audience Creation
Search Query Reviews
Call Tracking
Device Targeting
Call-Only Ad Creation
Personal Dashboard
Competitor Research


Are there any long term contracts or hidden fees?

All packages are month to month, you can cancel any time. You choose your monthly advertising budget and that’s all you need.

What if I have multiple locations?

We work with franchises and multiple location businesses too. Contact us to learn more about our multi-location discounts.

Do I need to provide extra advertising budget?

No. Your choose your monthly budget and that’s all you’ll spend. If you’d like to raise or lower your budget, you can do so at any time from your dashboard.

How do you track and prove results?

We provide you with written performance reports, data in your personal dashboard, and you can schedule strategy sessions with your personal account manager by phone or live chat.

What if my budget is over/under spent?

If we overspend your budget, enjoy the free advertising. We cover the extra cost! If we underspend your budget, the remainder will be rolled into your next month’s budget.

Do Facebook ads run from my Facebook page?

Yes, if you have a Facebook business manager account, we will run all your ads from your Facebook profile. Setup only take a few minutes.


Success Stories

We trust One Up with everything, our website, online advertising and search engine stuff. We love that they take care of it and we don’t have to worry about the online stuff at all.

Lorenzo's Pizza
Lorenzo’s Pizza

Awesome! Thank you SO much! What you’re doing really is amazing. I will tell everyone!

Little Cubs Preschool - West Seattle
Little Cubs Preschool